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Let Us Help You Get Free Publicity with a Press Release Campaign

An effective press release can generate valuable free exposure for your company. Barbour Creative Solutions can help you create newsworthy press releases about new products, services and other news to capture the attention of the media, potential buyers and the general public. With our professional background in journalism and corporate public relations, we know exactly what it takes to craft press releases that produce invaluable media exposure. BCS has the experience and expertise to get your news in front of the media, public—and potential customers.

All of our press releases are written by a former business journalist and corporate PR specialist with 30 years of professional experience. We incorporate Associated Press style and an article-type format that appeal to journalists. We also include a strong newsworthy angle, a bold heading, interesting quotes, your direct contact information and links to your web site. Our press releases undergo strict review—by multiple sets of eyes—to ensure accuracy and the maximum effectiveness.

Press Release Distribution Services

When it comes to press release distribution, BCS covers all the bases. Our in-house distribution expert can complete a targeted manual submission that places your release directly in front of specific media contacts. You can tailor the delivery based on your needs to reach specific newspapers, TV/radio stations or magazines. Or you can target your distribution to select cities, regions, industries and even demographics. Regardless, we will ensure your release is sent to the most appropriate reporter, editor or department that covers your area of news. Our custom-built distribution package includes direct delivery to the email, fax or mailbox of each targeted media outlet.

BCS also offers distribution packages that give you a guaranteed way to target millions of consumers who are searching for products and services online. We have partnered with PRWeb, which is the leading distributor of press releases and Web-based news, and it’s used by more than 40,000 opt-in journalists and 250,000 news subscribers. PRWeb headlines are seen millions of times a day worldwide. PRWeb distributes news releases through search engines, RSS feeds and directly to tens of thousands of journalists and editors through email. It also maintains partnerships with prominent news outlets such as the Associated Press and Google/Yahoo! News.

Search Engine-Friendly Online Press Releases

An online press release lets you bypass some of the traditional PR restrictions and place your news directly in front of your target audience—the media, customers and potential buyers. It lets you control the information being presented about your company. We combine the power of keyword optimization with online press releases to help you increase interest in your products/services and drive more traffic to your web site. We are certified in search engine optimization, and we can embed relevant keywords throughout your press release to make it easier for your news—and web site—to be found online.

We can strategically write your press release with select keywords to enhance its performance in major search engines like Google. A keyword-optimized press release can make it easier for people to find your web site online— where millions of people go to find products, services and information. In addition, a well-crafted, optimized release can improve your brand image and credibility with site visitors, which can ultimately increase your sales.

When optimizing press releases, we use leading tools to conduct research and determine the best keywords for your particular release. We strategically position these optimal keywords throughout your press release where search engines are most likely to notice them. In addition to embedding the right keywords, we include links pointing back to your web site.

Our optimized online press releases have helped clients get noticed by major national news outlets and are constantly being posted online. This has helped them receive global exposure through major search engines, newswires, blogs and web sites, such as Google/Yahoo News and PRWeb. A search engine-friendly, online press release can help you:

  • Enhance the visibility of your news
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Drive traffic to your web site
  • Increase leads, sales and profits

More PR Services

BCS offers a variety of other press release services to promote your company online and directly to traditional media outlets. They include:

  • Custom Email Pitches: We create custom email messages to highlight your press release and make it stand out from the hundreds of other releases flooding the media. We will write a pitch to emphasize the most important and appealing points of your press release. Then we’ll send your email pitch in conjunction with our distribution for the greatest possible impact. The pitch will include a compelling subject line, a brief—but powerful—summary of your release, a link to your web site and your direct contact information.
  • Press Kits: We can develop a complete press kit to showcase your release and supplemental information such as a business profile, biography or fact sheet to help you make a greater impression on the media and potential customers. We can write custom pieces from scratch, or you may provide ready-to use information (in an electronic format) to send with your release.


Find out how our press release writing and distribution services can help you promote your news and web site to millions of people worldwide. Contact us for a quote.