Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

The vision of Barbour Creative Solutions is to serve as a virtual copywriting, marketing and PR firm to provide companies of all sizes with professional services that are flexible, cost-effective and high quality.

Our Mission

BCS’s mission is to help organizations worldwide use technology to enhance their marketing and publicity efforts, expand their reach, reduce their costs and increase their profits. We accomplish this by providing premium online/offline marketing services, public relations solutions and targeted copywriting that clients can tailor to their budget and needs.

Our Values

At BCS, we value:

  • INTEGRITY in all our intentions and actions
  • ETHICS at all times because they are paramount to our and our clients’ success
  • RESPECT because everyone is valuable and should be valued
  • SERVICE that is high-quality, results-driven and cost-effective
  • COMPASSION because we truly care about people and helping our clients succeed
  • RESPONSIBILITY to perform in the best interest of our clients, professional partners and all other stakeholders

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